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Charles Hamowy, CFP®, CPA/PFS – Editor In Chief

You may not control

all the events that

happen to you

but you can decide

not to be reduced

by them

– Maya Angelou

Essentially the debate over how far and how fast we should move toward achieving global sustainability – taking the steps needed to slow down and perhaps even reverse climate change – hinges for many and most passionately on the perception of the impact on JOBS, both current and future.

Although the discussion has been framed as a zero sum or win/lose proposition – expedient to politicians – most experts agree that this is simply a false choice. Progress on green initiatives does not necessarily need to mean a mass loss of current JOBS. We thought it would be important to explore this topic with those closer to the work in this our 7th edition of the Socially Inspired Investor. We will continue the focus on JOBS as well in the upcoming 8th edition since the topic is rich with content and purpose.

As ESG considerations become more widely adopted, what is the realistic impact on current JOBS and future JOB opportunities? Responses from our contributing experts found in the SPOTLIGHT ON section to this question seem to agree that technology and artificial intelligence as well as post-pandemic realities have already begun the transition. 

In the accompanying PODCAST hosted by Pat O’Neill, Peter Lupoff, CEO of Net Impact tells us about how companies are already working to provide a soft landing for many of their workers while redefining the future of work. No doubt you will be surprised at some of the companies in the forefront of taking on this challenge.

Please enjoy this issue and please also pass it along to others who may have an interest in socially responsible investing.

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What are cities doing to become more energy efficient and sustainable? And how are they paying for it?

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Spotlight On...

What are cities doing to become more energy efficient and sustainable? And how are they paying for it?